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Spring is Here

It's that special time of year in the South when the outdoors beckon and nature "teases" with alternating days of gentle warmth and the last vestiges of cold.  The daffodils have put on their early show, as well as the forsythia and Bradford pear trees, while the dogwood and azalea are preparing for their stage entrance.   We have bleeding heart in our garden which is like the "trumpeter" of Spring .... emerging from the ground  and offering it's pink blossoms in what seems like a matter of days...   Following closely behind, the hosta starts to emerge from the ground And the Dogwoods prepare to join the azaleas in their floral display  Besides the urge to go outside and "play...

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Jet Lathe 1221VS Review

I’ve been a lathe owner for a little less than a year so I am in no way qualifying myself as an expert.  That said, I have created several salt and pepper mills and chess pieces that have received high compliments so I am an active lathe user.   Like many of my “turning” friends I started by purchasing a rather inexpensive 12” lathe from Harbor Freight.  If you have about $80 to spend (even less with a HF coupon) and want to see if turning is your thing, I highly recommend this route.  I burned this lathe out after a few months trying to drill center holes in my ginders.   So, after a few weeks of pondering and...

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It's Not What You Make.....But How

I don’t subscribe to a lot of woodworking blogs because sometimes too much information makes matters more confusing rather than clearer. That said, I have subscribed to Paul Sellers blogs, as he is one of the real online pioneers (IMO) of woodworking. A recent blog post of Paul's called “Election Day” talked more about his woodworking ideology than about specific tools or products ( In his blog Paul identified a certain passion that I immediately related to: the concept of “It’s not what you make but how.”  I don’t want to take credit for anyone else’s work so I encourage anyone reading this blog to check out his. That said, the concept of “how” over “what” is something that attracted me to...

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