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Why Didn't I Think of That?

Every craftsman or "maker" of products knows that customers often help define how we look at, modify and sometimes even  conceive of the things we make.  We come up with an idea or conform to traditional concepts in the quest for what the buyer will like and then watch and listen Here's an example.   A good friend suggested we include pen blocks in our product line over a year ago.   Since this particular friend is an avid pen lover and enjoys attending  Pen shows, she enlightened us about the market for a way to display favorite writing instruments for pen lovers such as herself.   Over time we added a number of original design pen blocks to our...

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It's Not What You Make.....But How

I don’t subscribe to a lot of woodworking blogs because sometimes too much information makes matters more confusing rather than clearer. That said, I have subscribed to Paul Sellers blogs, as he is one of the real online pioneers (IMO) of woodworking. A recent blog post of Paul's called “Election Day” talked more about his woodworking ideology than about specific tools or products ( In his blog Paul identified a certain passion that I immediately related to: the concept of “It’s not what you make but how.”  I don’t want to take credit for anyone else’s work so I encourage anyone reading this blog to check out his. That said, the concept of “how” over “what” is something that attracted me to...

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