About us

The Prodigal Carpenter was born out of a love for designing and creating, as well as the joy of collaborating on projects. 


A gift for fine wood working and years of interior design experience were merged to create The Prodigal Carpenter. The result was a collaboration producing unique handcrafted wood items and select home décor.

The "Carpenter", Andy, has the gift for woodworking as well as a keen mind for figuring out "how things work" , while the carpenter's wife, Desiree, has a background in Interior Design and an eye for details. Whether its taking the extra time to route an edge or miter a corner, or selecting just the right complimentary hardware, finish or design detail......We love what we do and hope it shows.

Craftsmanship, functionality and enduring quality are what we aim for. 

"Prodigals" are dear to our heart............as we especially love seeing something redeemed and transformed..... be it a piece of wood, an idea or an individual.  Given that philosophy, you'll find  handcrafted wood items incorporating reclaimed wood from various sources as well as new elements. "Old" ideas are given new life with creative details and function. Fine hardwoods, reclaimed materials, unique design elements  mesh to form an eclectic mix of classic to rustic to trendy...... a lot like the carpenter himself:)

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