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Cutting Boards.......What's Your Style?

It's a given that not everyone has the same taste, nor are our needs defined identically.  That applies in the kitchen too.   Some love to cook. some don't.  Some want a well equipped kitchen, others aren't that into it and just want the basics available when they venture into their cook space.   Some are aspiring "chefs", and some are microwave aficionados.  Among those who really appreciate fine culinary tools and equipment, there are still personal preferences that dictate choices or the details that matter most.  It's one reason we try to offer something for everyone..... from the minimalist home cook to the expert chef........we believe quality is still worth investing in . The Prodigal Carpenter product line includes...

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What's New?

By now, if you've been following our blog or other social media, you know that we have transitioned from the interior marketplace we occupied and are taking a different approach. We continue to market our creations here on our online store, however we're now taking a different approach to "brick and mortar" venues.   In our ongoing "learning" process, we realized that our "niche" products (end grain cutting boards, cheese boards, pepper mills and sets, and other culinary tools) reach our target customers best when placed in venues where compatible products are found.   Hence, we recently were welcomed to show our wares in a local olive oil and balsamic vinegar store here in our hometown. ( Olive Tree and Vine........

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