Cutting Boards.......What's Your Style?

It's a given that not everyone has the same taste, nor are our needs defined identically.  That applies in the kitchen too.  

Some love to cook. some don't.  Some want a well equipped kitchen, others aren't that into it and just want the basics available when they venture into their cook space.   Some are aspiring "chefs", and some are microwave aficionados. 

Among those who really appreciate fine culinary tools and equipment, there are still personal preferences that dictate choices or the details that matter most.  It's one reason we try to offer something for everyone..... from the minimalist home cook to the expert chef........we believe quality is still worth investing in .

The Prodigal Carpenter product line includes a full range of cutting boards, from small "Bar Boards" to large finely crafted end grain chef sized cutting boards.... and much in between. 

Here you see a sampling of our Bar Boards:

These lighter and smaller edge grain boards are just right for "whipping out" in smaller spaces (like a wet bar ) or for quick sandwich or small prep jobs. Sporting combos of beautifully contrasting hardwoods and affordably priced at just $30 each, they're a tremendous value and truly practical.  

Then there are our medium sized edge grain boards.  For the cook who prefers a somewhat larger prep space, but who isn't ready to invest in a larger chef quality end grain board........These too come in beautiful hardwood combos and serve most needs for the average cook.....or as a great addition for the more prolific home cook who likes having an alternative choice when prepping food.   These boards are available in the $50-$60 range.

Of course, our End grain Cutting Boards remain our premier product and what we're known for. , Check out information on End Grain, Edge Grain and care and maintenance here

When we first began making cutting boards it was our goal to produce uniquely beautiful and durable boards reflecting variety and artisan quality.  It remains our hallmark.

Take the "Reality Check Board"

Or the "Maestro Board"

The "Brick" Cutting Board

Or the "Tilted Square" Board

Our original, extra large "Cross" Cutting Board

We never stop looking for new pattern and wood combinations.

So......whether you're a kitchen amateur with a "cozy" workspace or a professional chef with a state of the art culinary habitat.... there's something here for you.


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