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Spring Cleaning: What's New from The Prodigal Carpenter

  For the last week or so the Carpenter has been busy “spring cleaning” and reorganizing his shop. Seems anytime we’re really busy ,even our best efforts fall short in keeping things neat and organized…….lots of sawing, planing, sanding, turning, and gluing has taken place and the evidence was all over the place:) Micah had little interest in helping.... he preferred to lay in the accumulated sawdust outside the shop. The good news is that the “mess” was a result of a number of new products added to our line………. So we thought we’d share them with you here.   We added Penblocks at the recommendation of a friend who is a pen lover. She clued us in on how true...

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Handcrafted Kitchen Utensil Rack

During a recent visit to our retail market space we were talking to one of the managers who has been very supportive of our work. One of the particular items she pointed out was the long display rack I created and on which we hang our  handcrafted kitchen utensils such as wood spoons, spatulas and pot strainers for outdoor markets or retail display.   She asked if we could make a similar “scaled down” version for a limited space kitchen.  My wife and I began to look at options for those who want access to their favorite utensils without having to dig in a drawer or pull one out of a crowded bin.   Our design was fairly simple but took into consideration...

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So You've Rented Space in an Interior Marketplace...Now What?

The path to selling our wares is not usually a straight line for a craftsman.  Generally we start out making things we enjoy.... discover others seem to like what we're doing.... perhaps sticking our toe in the marketplace via an occasional weekend market..... when it dawns on us "hey, people seriously might be willing to buy what I make on a larger scale".  Hence The Prodigal Carpenter's recent foray into the world of retail interior marketplaces.....   We recently contracted for a 8' x 10" space in a local interior marketplace known as Woodstock Market  We considered the environment and other vendors ( This is a large interior market with multitudes of vendors offering their wares) and were impressed, discussed their contract...

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