Spring Cleaning: What's New from The Prodigal Carpenter


For the last week or so the Carpenter has been busy “spring cleaning” and reorganizing his shop.

Seems anytime we’re really busy ,even our best efforts fall short in keeping things neat and organized…….lots of sawing, planing, sanding, turning, and gluing has taken place and the evidence was all over the place:)

Micah had little interest in helping.... he preferred to lay in the accumulated sawdust outside the shop.

The good news is that the “mess” was a result of a number of new products added to our line……….

So we thought we’d share them with you here.


We added Penblocks at the recommendation of a friend who is a pen lover. She clued us in on how true pen fans like to show off and keep their favorite writing instruments at their fingertips. A little trial and error and consulting with our “product developer” friend/consultant resulted in several current styles, all hardwood, some incorporating multiple contrasting woods. Ranging from $19.99 to $49.99



 A new shop “toy” opened the door to trying our hand at woodturning……..working on the lathe has turned out to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of woodworking so far. As a result of the lathe acquisition, we’ve been able to add beautiful handcrafted pepper grinders and salt shakers to our product line. Grinders $59. Pepper Grinder and Shaker sets $84



The lathe also rendered some very nice French rolling pins... all crafted from fine hardwoods  $22 each

One of our favorite smaller items are our handcrafted salad and toast tongs. We discovered these sell well at outdoor weekend markets…… Check them out in our catalogue.  $22 salad tongs. $16 toast tongs


 We also added wooden spreaders/butter knives to accompany our handcrafted cheeseboards. They’re perfect for soft cheeses, spreads and butters. Sold in sets of two (2) $6.99


 In addition to our beautiful variety of end grain cutting boards, we have added a selection of “sandwich prep” size smaller end grain boards……..scaled down, not quite as thick, and easily handled with one hand. They store nicely in a kitchen drawer or leaned against the backsplash and offer the same benefits of end grain construction. This idea evolved because my wife loves grabbing a small board I made her in my early days for quick ,  lighter weight , one handed use. She uses larger boards for more extensive food prep, but finds this small board very versatile for quick prep needs.  Ranging in Price $39.00 to $45.00


A recent project created a “chessboard” top which fits on a walnut base to create a lovely side table/game table. The top can be removed for independent board use ( chess or checkers), but creates a perfect occasional piece when resting on it’s base. We made the 23” square top of Padauk and Beechwood which finished beautifully. $199.00 for top with base

We've even added some new Album Crates..... perfectly sized for your LP Album collection....and built with durability in mind to hold up under a full load.... these are made to last!  $44.00 each


We hope you enjoy checking out our newest creations……. currently available on this website or at Woodstock Market at 5500 Bells Ferry Rd.  Acworth, Ga in Booth B5E.

Meanwhile, we have to get Micah out of the sawdust one more time and get the shop back in tiptop shape so we can return to creating the artisan products we love.... 

Happy Spring Cleaning!









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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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