Handcrafted Kitchen Utensil Rack

During a recent visit to our retail market space we were talking to one of the managers who has been very supportive of our work. One of the particular items she pointed out was the long display rack I created and on which we hang our  handcrafted kitchen utensils such as wood spoons, spatulas and pot strainers for outdoor markets or retail display.


She asked if we could make a similar “scaled down” version for a limited space kitchen.  My wife and I began to look at options for those who want access to their favorite utensils without having to dig in a drawer or pull one out of a crowded bin.


Our design was fairly simple but took into consideration the random sizes of various utensils while paying attention to the aspects needed to make any product truly practical with broad application.

Our Utensil Racks offer just that detail along with optional sizes for the space in question. Whether placing inside a cabinet door, on a backsplash, or wall mounted elsewhere.... there are optional lengths. We mounted ¼” dowels into our base piece for those utensils with predrilled holes. The dowels were placed about 1¼” apart and angled slightly upward so that each utensil could slide on and off with ease.  For those utensils without predrilled holes, the distance between the dowels was ideal to support a variety of spoons, spatulas and other cooking essentials.

We love turning new Ideas into durable and functional pieces that offer flexible solutions and appealing design.....  and put a cook's favorite tools right at their fingertips. 
Interested in one?  Feel free to contact us at theprodigalcarpenter@gmail.com to order a custom size. 


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