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Gardening? It's January!

Okay you might think I’m crazy but YES it’s time to think about gardening; even if we’re in the middle of winter.  For the serious gardener who wants to get a jump on the crowd and who doesn’t want to pay a high price for well developed plants come April, the time is now. Consider planting some seeds now and you will reap the rewards come spring.  A couple things to consider: You need seeds and a starter mix (the little peat starter pods work great). You need space, warmth and light. I happen to be blessed with a greenhouse but I learned early on that producing produce year round was futile.  Greenhouse (or hothouse) vegetables just don’t taste the same...

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"Winding Down" .... A Georgia Summer Garden Meets Fall

This may seem like an unusual time to blog about gardening since late September is when most of our gardens have seen better days; however don’t be hasty to just yank out all your plants as there are still plenty of valuable goodies to be had. Right now my tomato & pepper plants are producing; although the tomato production has slowed considerably.  As the summer rolls into fall my garden gets less direct sunlight here in northwest Georgia,  so my tomatoes end up with very “leggy” vines and less fruit. My peppers, however, will keep producing right up until the first frost. We try not to waste anything but more importantly we have found that the fruit our garden produces...

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Best Burgers You Ever Tasted ( In our humble opinion:)

You know what you’re eating when you grind your own beef and the cost is better than what you pay for the grocery store mystery grind,  but be careful, the guests you invite over once are going to want to be invited back.   In a recent post we shared the "how" of grinding your own beef mixture. Here’s a cost breakdown of our most recent meat purchase for creating our own “grind”:                                                      Chuck roast: 8.86 lbs  @    $2.98                        London broil: 8.11 lbs @    $2.98        ...

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