Best Burgers You Ever Tasted ( In our humble opinion:)

You know what you’re eating when you grind your own beef and the cost is better than what you pay for the grocery store mystery grind,  but be careful, the guests you invite over once are going to want to be invited back.  
In a recent post we shared the "how" of grinding your own beef mixture.
Here’s a cost breakdown of our most recent meat purchase for creating our own “grind”:
Chuck roast: 8.86 lbs  @    $2.98                       
London broil: 8.11 lbs @    $2.98                     
Beef ribs:10.52 (4.7lbs meat) @$1.99                         
Rib eye: 3 lbs $7.98                  
Total Beef:  24 ⅔ lbs totaling $93.88  
  $3.80 per lb   average cost
 Side note:  Price does not include the leftover beef bones turned into beef stock, the beautiful rib eye steaks we had left after cutting off the fat cap, and the happy dog we now have who enjoys gnawing on a full flavor beef rib!
Now for the good part.
Taking a 1 1/2 lb package of our thawed ground beef ( we thaw in the fridge) , we finely chop sweet onion and garlic and saute in olive oil......
We add a dash of salt to help "sweat" the onions as we saute
Once the onions and garlic are soft and onions translucent,(about five minutes) we add it to the ground beef
Tip:  start the onions a couple of minutes before adding the garlic, as the garlic will soften faster and you don't want it to burn
To this add a good splash of soy sauce (we use approx. 2 tbsp for our 1 1/2 lbs beef)
We also add a couple of teaspoons of Montreal Seasoning
An extra dash of freshly ground pepper is good..........but no need for additional salt. salted the onion garlic mixture when sauteing AND you're getting salt in the soy sauce.
Now your ready to lightly mix your ground beef, soy sauce, onions and garlic and seasoning.  DON'T OVERWORK YOUR GROUND BEEF.    Combine the mixture gently working the ingredients through, without aggressive pressing and squeezing.  
At this point you're ready to form your patties. We've used burger presses in the past,but find we like to simply "eyeball" and hand form.  From our 1 1/2 lbs we usually end up with 5 generous burgers or 6 average size.

We  grill the burgers on a charcoal grill ( gas is "ok" and we recognize the convenience, but that convenience comes at the cost of "flavor".  Therefore we charcoal grill)  Because of the fat content you have to watch them closely as they will flame up; however you'll find the shrinkage is minimal... (much less than our experience with store bought ground beef!)

We have yet to have anyone over for these who doesn’t love our burgers...........and truthfully, they've spoiled us to the point we simply don't order a burger when we're out anymore.
If the "process" sounds a bit daunting..... it really isn't.  Remember, you'll be grinding a quantity at once and freezing, so that it's only about a 'once a quarter" process.  ( or less if you want to grind more at a time, though we'd recommend not freezing over 6 months at a time for optimal flavor..... every 3 months works for us)   We believe you'll discover, as we did, that you'll never want to go back to store bought ground beef again. 
It's just that good:)

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