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Artisan Kitchen Tools and Good Food........a Perfect Match

We love good food around our house, and as excited as we get about a new shop tool.... creating or finding the perfect, quality kitchen tool is something we appreciate.  In our day of hectic lifestyles ( and we get it, time is a precious commodity) it seems the inclination is to too often resort to convenience or processed foods or eating out.  However, nutrition and variety are often the first resulting sacrifices in our food prep and consumption. There's something deeply satisfying about the feel of a well implemented saute spoon or spatula in your hand.........or dusting flour on an oversized pastry board in preparation for rolling out dough.......or the weight of a  finely crafted, wood Peppermill in your hand as...

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Best Burgers You Ever Tasted ( In our humble opinion:)

You know what you’re eating when you grind your own beef and the cost is better than what you pay for the grocery store mystery grind,  but be careful, the guests you invite over once are going to want to be invited back.   In a recent post we shared the "how" of grinding your own beef mixture. Here’s a cost breakdown of our most recent meat purchase for creating our own “grind”:                                                      Chuck roast: 8.86 lbs  @    $2.98                        London broil: 8.11 lbs @    $2.98        ...

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Totally Righteous Ground Beef

A couple of years ago my wife bought me a  food grinder and it has paid for itself over and over in the quality of ground beef we’ve been able to produce. First off, anyone who has grilled hamburgers has noticed that the burger you start with does not end up the same size as the burger you put on a bun. We’re not 100% positive of the reason however it sure seems like the ground beef, round or chuck purchased at the grocery store has water added to it.  It can’t be from fat alone…..anyone who grills a steak knows that the fat doesn’t shrink to nothing or disappear. Our burgers simply don’t shrink! We’re always watching for sales...

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