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How Safe is Your Cutting Board?

It’s pretty clear that we woodworkers love our wood and for me in particular I get the most satisfaction out of making  end grain cutting boards. They are beautiful, functional, durable, forgiving to your knife edges and, perhaps more importantly, they are far more bacteria resistant than the more common (and less expensive) plastic cutting boards. Of course there are other surfaces that you can use to cut on, however materials like glass or stainless steel are completely unforgiving to your knife edges. If you value your knives, you will choose wood; if you value your health, you will certainly choose wood! **We’ve attached some research articles to back up our claims so don’t just go off my opinion, however...

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The Organized Kitchen: Magnetic Knife Rack

My wife is an extraordinary cook and since one of my serious pleasures is eating well prepared, full flavored food, we make the perfect match. One of my other pleasures is finding simple ways to display my woodworking craft while also making our home more functional. Anyone who has rustled through a drawer looking for the perfect sharp knife for a particular job is aware of not only the frustrations, but also the hazards of this method.  So after shopping for some magnetic knife holders and being less than satisfied with the industrial “workshop” models, I decided to take a crack at making my own. My first challenge was finding magnets strong enough to hold any size knife without the threat of...

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