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Sure, I Can Build That:)

Every woodworker knows that once friends and family know you have a shop and a few tools, all sorts of random requests come your way.  Everything from, "could you remodel my kitchen" to " can you repair a drawer in an old chest".  For a carpenter, every request is a bit like a challenge issued.........we hate saying "no" to any project because "sure, I can do that":). It's a blessing and a pitfall.  The blessing is that you get the pleasure of helping out a friend, solving a problem, or "fixing" a treasure.  The pitfall is that we "wood guys" can end up taking on projects that are either beyond our shop capabilities or that divert our focus.   Did I...

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A "Small" Labor of Love

Lately I've been working on a "special" project.  It's nothing complicated..... no new or innovative design............not particularly "fine" woodworking............and yet, it's immensely satisfying.  I was asked to make toy cars to place in Christmas "shoe boxes" that will go to needy children with a message of God's love.  Such a "small" thing...........but a welcome opportunity to allow the Lord to use my woodworking skills for something to impact the hearts of little ones I will probably never meet.  Everything I have is mine only by the grace of God...........and that goes for my talents and abilities.  As I cut, sand and drill these little wooden vehicles I can imagine the hands that may treasure a small toy and the heart...

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