Sure, I Can Build That:)

Every woodworker knows that once friends and family know you have a shop and a few tools, all sorts of random requests come your way.  Everything from, "could you remodel my kitchen" to " can you repair a drawer in an old chest".  For a carpenter, every request is a bit like a challenge issued.........we hate saying "no" to any project because "sure, I can do that":). It's a blessing and a pitfall. 
The blessing is that you get the pleasure of helping out a friend, solving a problem, or "fixing" a treasure.  The pitfall is that we "wood guys" can end up taking on projects that are either beyond our shop capabilities or that divert our focus.
  Did I say, we hate saying no:)
Over time I've done everything from rebuilding an old bench for a friend to building an herb garden cart for a family member. to making over 125 little wooden cars for a Christmas project, and that doesn't count the multitudes of times I've worked on site to hang a door, build shelves, shore up a deck, etc. etc.  I'm always glad to be able to solve a problem or make something original to meet a need..... and it keeps things interesting.  
Some projects , however, are especially dear to my heart.  A recent one is a good example. I was asked to construct two hot air ballon basket frames to be used as props in our church's Vacation Bible School.  The plan, concocted by the very creative children's leaders was to take the wooden structure I would build, cover it in sisal rug material and decorate it to look just like the transport basket of a hot air balloon.
With material list and requested dimensions in hand I made a run to my local wood supplier and went to work.

The rough baskets took shape.

These were constructed so that I could assemble them on site, as they were quite heavy and large to transport.

The creative genius of the children's leaders who came up with the idea went to work at this point to turn these rough boxes into Balloon baskets that would thrill the imagination of a child.

Now you might say that putting together a plywood box is no big deal...... and on the surface, I'd have to agree with you.  But knowing that these "boxes" were going to be used to excite a kids mind to hear the truth about God and His Word turned it into something much more meaningful that brought a smile to this carpenter's face .... 

and gratitude for the gift of time and ability from the One who has poured out His grace in my life.





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