Have you ever wondered what to do with all those leftovers?  I apologize up front to all the “foodies” out there but I’m actually referring to wood.  Whether a seasoned carpenter or a woodworking hobbier we all end up with extra pieces from various projects which usually end up collecting in the “just in case” pile, or eventually find their way to the trash.  

I hate to waste things, especially interesting pieces of wood that I’ve taken the time to cut, plane, and glue after matching up contrasting colors and grain patterns.  I’ve discovered that there is another option, and after talking to a fellow woodworker this weekend, I realized I’m not alone.

By taking the various leftovers from my end grain cutting boards I was able to construct a couple of “abstract” cutting boards.  There’s still a bit of work involved in piecing the project together like matching sizes and cut depths, but after a little creative artistry a new product emerges with a beauty all it's own.

Another friend of mine is a pen collector, so after talking with her for awhile I came up with another option that incorporates these "leftover" portions of projects too valuable to toss away.  Taking my cutting board creations and adding them to a base; drilling several appropriately sized holes, and finishing off the piece properly left me with some dazzling pen holders that even the “pen pros” love.

When it comes to creativity my wife’s gifting far exceeds mine, however I do have enough friends who like to share their hobbies and ideas; some are a little far fetched but others are absolute gems.  Growing up my parents often said ” “waste not, want not.” As much as I hate to admit it at times, the older I am the more I have become my parents. But maybe that's a good thing:)

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  

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  • MIssy

    I want all the pen blocks!

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