The First Five Books

My men’s Bible Study Group just completed the first 5 books of the Bible often referred to as  the Torah, or Pentateuch or simply the “Books of Moses.”  In reading Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy I found it interesting the views that folks have of the Old Testament, especially the books involving God’s commandments or laws.

Before I expand I do want to say that varying viewpoints on the scriptures are normal and while none of us are experts many viewpoints are taken from years of teaching and not always from personal (God-given) revelation.  That said, I believe that oftentimes the Old Testament gets painted with the large brush that states it’s simply “The Law” and then “The Law” itself gets relegated to an impossible list of do’s and don’ts which in the end result in death.

I found the first 5 books to be so much more than this; as a matter of fact I found them to be much more about life than death and much more about God’s passion for people than about His Law.  


From the beginning God used unlikely men and women to tell His story of passion, patience and relentless pursuit of His people. He used murderers, adulterers, drunkards and liars in a mighty way; in other words; He used flawed human beings just like us.  
From the beginning God was active; He created everything including mankind then He watched painfully as man fell from grace by sinning against Him. Still, He didn’t destroy us, He sustained us and protected us.  He chose a nation that would be His people; one that would rebel against Him repeatedly then turn back to Him for mercy and mercy He would provide.  

But mostly from the beginning God revealed Himself to us; His nature, His character.  That’s what I marveled at; not simply getting caught up in what God does but more importantly in who He is. He’s the uncreated and eternal One; totally self-sufficient, powerful and perfect in every way; yet in all that glory is a deep desire is to nurture and teach and grow His people.  Amazing!

It took my group most of the year to read these 5 books. There are several chapters on sacrifices and laws that can seem like they go on forever, but instruction and revelation are not quick fixes, they are, one soon realizes, essentials for works in progress......... like all of us.

I recommend "digging into" God's word.........all of it:



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