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A Better Way to Store Your Finishes

I'm no scientist.........but what I’ve learned is that once you open a can of finish and expose your content to air, the oxygen allowed inside the can will react with your finish and begin to harden. It starts as a thin film but in time turns into a gummy gel that basically ruins a portion or perhaps all of your remaining finish. I"ve written before on ways to store your oil-based wood finishes like urethanes or even paint, but admittedly found only limited success …. until now! Without a doubt the best way to store finishes is by using Bloxygen: an inert gas that “eliminates thickening and skin-over.”  Bloxygen provides a layer between the air and the finish that protects your...

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My Favorite Woods

Oftentimes when I'm seeking advice from friends who are authorities in different areas of life I’m less interested in options and more interested in concrete recommendations. With that in mind, I'm offering my favorite woods that I use along with my reasons why. First off, I use primarily hardwoods. Softwoods like pine are great for construction but they lack the stability needed for cutting boards, utensils, etc.  My “go to” woods are maple, cherry and walnut because of their hardness and contrast with each other; oftentimes I will substitute mahogany or padauk for the walnut while keeping similar characteristics. Of these my favorite wood to use (perhaps surprisingly) is maple. It is a clean, light colored wood that shows its...

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