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Building a Workshop: Part III Workbench and Shelves

Ok, we've talked about some basics for planning a shop so it’s time to have some fun.  To a woodworker there is nothing more satisfying than building or creating things. A workbench is the perfect place to start as it’s simple and essential! The workbench is a must to our shop but it also needs to be personalized. I’m 6’2” so I want a bench that fits my height so I made mine 40” high.  This left me plenty of space underneath to put a full size, stable shelf and further room under the shelf for more storage. My benchtop is 3’ X 5’ as I wanted a large enough work area that fit the space I had available. The...

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Building a Worshop: Part 2 The Must Have's ( Addition)

Okay, I had a brain melt in forgetting one of the absolute “MUST HAVE’S” of any shop: THE FIRST AID KIT.  It doesn’t have to be fancy since we’re (hopefully) not performing surgery so no need for tourniquets or heart paddles however having a few simple items will save you time and often some discomfort.   Band aids are essentials, along with some type of antiseptic cleaner, antibiotic ointment, gauze type bandage and tape; even some sterile cloths for cleaning a wound would be beneficial. As with everything else in the shop, you can personalize to fit your needs. It's just so much easier to have these at hand when you "nick"  yourself:) Regardless of how careful I am when...

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