Building a Worshop: Part 2 The Must Have's ( Addition)

Okay, I had a brain melt in forgetting one of the absolute “MUST HAVE’S” of any shop:

note pad dont forget

THE FIRST AID KIT.  It doesn’t have to be fancy since we’re (hopefully) not performing surgery so no need for tourniquets or heart paddles however having a few simple items will save you time and often some discomfort.

first aid cabinet


Band aids are essentials, along with some type of antiseptic cleaner, antibiotic ointment, gauze type bandage and tape; even some sterile cloths for cleaning a wound would be beneficial. As with everything else in the shop, you can personalize to fit your needs. It's just so much easier to have these at hand when you "nick"  yourself:)

Regardless of how careful I am when operating my machinery I end up with cuts or scraped knuckles; oftentimes these are associated with the cleaning of my saw blades (which reassures me the blades are still sharp).  

Put a first aid kit in your shop or make one as an early project of yours, It's  an essential “must have.”

smiley bandaged

You'll be smiling and back to work in a flash:)

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