Shoes for the Cobbler's Children

I recently finished a 'special" project.........while undertaking a new cutting board design inspired by another woodworker's online video, I finally got around to making a special cheese board for my wife.  I've made numerous ones, some in the beautiful "tumbling squares" pattern  as well as several others.  


She has helped with the design details, sourcing and choosing the complementary hardware for each, but every completed project found its way out the door as either a gift to someone special or to our retail marketplace.  

So as I took on this new design I decided it was time to rectify that situation.  

Here is a link to the "Slovenian Woodworker" who inspired my new board...

After considering his instructions and a bit of calculating, I selected some walnut, cherry and beech and went to work.  Lots of cutting, glueing, planing, cutting, glueing planing and sanding ensued...........and here is the final result:

We've dubbed it the "tilted square" pattern for obvious reasons:) With it's various geometric contrasts it shows off the beauty of the three woods quite spectacularly.

We "christened" our cheeseboard with a generous block of cream cheese topped with some of our homemade pineapple habanero sauce.  

(Of course we ate it on crackers, though you can trust us when we tell you that even cardboard would be tasty with this simple cheese combo.)


We'll share the recipe for that bit of divine goodness with you very soon. 

Meanwhile, back to the workshop.





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