Around My Shop--The Crosscut Sled


Before continuing with the other tools in my shop I wanted to add a few comments in regards to my table saw; specifically sleds and jigs.
A great way to practice and hone your table saw skills is to create sleds & jigs that will save you time and help you with more precise cuts.
 Since my table saw is relatively small it came with a rather inferior miter gauge which I improved by simply adding a longer piece of MDF to the gauge. I’ve also built a sacrificial fence and a couple of jointer sleds that have saved me time and money in “squaring up” my rough wood.     
Although all sleds will get their use and help you along the way the one to start with is the Crosscut Sled.  I use this time and again for all sorts of projects:
Instead of trying to explain how I put mine together I will refer you to one of my principal resources in woodworking:  The Wood Whisperer.
He’s very detailed, quite funny, and has been gracious enough to share a ton of tips and videos, as well as having a Q & A section where you can write in questions.
I asked for and gained his permission to share his information on my blogs which keeps with one of my life themes from the Bible:
 As iron sharpens, so does one man sharpen another (Proverbs 27:17).
Share the wealth and enjoy your woodworking!

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