April Showers,May Flowers..... Springtime in Georgia

There's a window of time here in Georgia in the Spring, a few glorious days when the temperature is perfect, mornings are bright and cool, and the afternoon temperatures linger in the low 70s.   We relish this time..... when the pollen assault has subsided, decks and porch furniture have been cleaned and ridded of the pesky allergy inducing substance, and we aren't engulfed in humidity the moment we step outdoors. It's a sweet interlude before late Spring and Summer arrive to remind us that Southern Summers don't play around:)

Being a gardener, I love watching established plantings emerge each Spring..... bleeding heart, lantana, hosta etc.........as well as planting new additions.  Some I begin in my small greenhouse, while others are purchased from local nurseries and garden centers. 

Hint: We love to scavenge the "sale" areas for plants that are in need of a little TLC and nurse them back to health.  With minimal effort we've gained some striking additions for a fraction of what they would have normally cost. i.e "dirt cheap":)

So..... at least for now, the Georgia mornings are affording us a sweet respite we don't take for granted, and a display of color and variety that bring a smile each morning. The showers of April and the temperate days of May are yielding a display of God's handiwork that never fails to lift the heart.

The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.”  Isaiah 40:8
Happy Spring from The Prodigal Carpenter:)

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