Rolling Up Our Sleeves

A New Year always brings contemplation of the past and anticipation of what is to come.  Like most, we find ourselves pondering all that is ahead and how we can be more productive.

This past year has been a real "learning curve" for us in that not only have we expanded our woodworking, we've also had to tackle the daunting task (for us anyway:) of this website, social media, and even taking the plunge into the world of weekend markets.  It's been both exhilarating and exhausting at times! 
If you're reading this, however, you're the reason we keep at it.....  because we love the opportunity to engage with others sharing what we make, what we learn, and what we love......  especially the goodness and grace God pours into our lives along the way. 

2017 holds new things for The Prodigal Carpenter...


We're in the process of readying a retail display in a local marketplace and looking forward to expanding our customer base through this avenue. We'll be sharing more along the way as we "learn the ropes".... and as we face the inevitable juggling act that any small business encounters.  

Thanks for your support.... please continue to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share us with your friends.

We hope you'll continue the Journey with us!

Happy 2017!





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