Fall Artisan Festival.............Taking the Plunge

My wife and I are participating  in a local artisan festival this weekend, so there have been a multitude of "bases" to cover in preparation.  Nothing done well comes easy ......... and we hope do this well! Being "new" to it, however, we've made list after list over the past couple of weeks in an attempt to not leave any critical task unaddressed.
Those who've taken the "entrepreneur" plunge understand...... business licenses, tax numbers, business cards, payment processing, packaging  etc. etc.
  Meanwhile the work in the shop goes on.....
Artisan Boxes

Wooden Culinary Utensils...and Cutting Boards

Sanding, Gluing and stirring up Sawdust:)

The results are piling up......




We're looking forward to some "in person" customer feedback as we share The Prodigal Carpenter creations with some local Atlanta area folks on a beautiful Fall weekend.  If you happen to have opportunity to visit the Braselton Antique and Artisan Festival this weekend (Oct. 21-23) in Braselton, Georgia,  we hope you'll stop by and say "hello". 



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