Election Day...... Prodigal Pondering

Election Day is tomorrow, and after months of endless insults and disclosure of improprieties Americans will decide who will lead our country over the next four years. This election is unprecedented in that it includes the 2 most unpopular presidential candidates in the history of our country; so the proper question would be: why are  these our choices?


I am not advocating for support of a third party, fourth party or any other party or person, my question is: why don't we have  better and more palatable option?  Is it perhaps that people are so sick of politics that no one wants to run for office anymore?  Think about it, who wants to expose every part of their life for public scrutiny or attack?


Running for political office has become the ultimate paradox. Candidates are expected to represent what's best "for the people" yet they have to possess a near narcissistic view of themselves.  I believe that the very best of potential candidates have found something else to do with their lives, while those who have entered the political world have made it a life-long assignment whether they're effective or not.  ( thirst for power and position do not translate into positive character traits,,,,  how often do we feel confident we see a candidate as honestly motivated by a desire to serve truth and justice?)


As a nation we have already declared disgust for the our political system and our choices; and we feel paralyzed when looking at our options.  Our options for change are not without hope, however they will not be expedient...."We the People" have some hard work to do that begins with us.


Hope starts with accountability, accountability begins with each of us, and grows from there.  We can start this at the local level while reflecting a cultural change that requires candidates to own their past mistakes with integrity.  We're not electing perfection, we're electing representation; and no one can be everything for everyone.... but integrity, accountability, justice, compassion, wisdom and transparency can only be valued at the top when the whole value it enough to require it of themselves at all cost. 

And that will never be found in mere rhetoric. It's an issue of the heart.

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