DeWalt 735x Planer............A Beast!

As far as planers are concerned I'm not sure you can get any better than the DeWalt DW735X.  The motor on this baby is powerful and the blades cut evenly and flush; even the hardest of hardwoods.
I purchased my planer almost a year ago and have made about 3 dozen end grain cutting boards along with various other woodworking beauties.
  I've used everything from Hard Maple to Walnut to Bubinga -one of the most beautiful yet also one of the hardest woods there is, and oftentimes a blade killer; despite this my Dewalt planer keeps producing quality results time and again.  Nothing will ruin a planer quicker than planing end grain boards, but the DeWalt 735X hasn't missed a beat.

The 2 feed tables were an extra (although I deem a necessity) to reduce snipe; the 15 AMP, 20,000 RPM motor (10,000 RPM cutterhead speed) is more than enough power for any job I've faced thus far; and the 3 blade cutting head (with 2 sided cutting edges) gives you the versatility to rotate the blades between changes.  The fact that they threw in an extra set of blades was an added bonus. 

Tip:  Do take the time to periodically clean your blades, and rotate them before they become dull; but be careful and handle them with care, as to say they are sharp as a knife is an understatement. 

This planer will handle wood up to 13 inches wide and plane down to 1/8" thick.  While there is nothing really negative I can say about this tool I will warn you, it is HEAVY, which is a necessity for stability so moving it around is no picnic.

I purchased my planer on sale for $599 in January 2016 and just saw it as low as $499 on Amazon; but it was worth the extra $100 to have this BEAST of a planer over the past year. 

Pictured below is a "before" photo of pieces of unfinished Walnut followed by the DeWalt Planer in use, the same pieces of Walnut freshly planed and some of our finished work....all in all I highly recommend this product.

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  • Andy Bungo

    Hi Erik,

    I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. Hopefully you’ve used your Planer enough in the first month to get the hang of it, it is my “go to tool” when making my cutting boards.

    I understand many don’t use their planers for end grain but I do. I have 2 keys that I found most important:

    1. Keep your blades sharp. Periodically I open up my planer and carefully (because they are sharp) wipe the blades clean of build up. I rotate them depending on usage (2 sided blades). The more I use the planer, the more I recognize when they need rotated.

    2. Keep the cuts to a minimum. I take no more than 1/32" on each pass. I’ve run everything from Bubinga to Purple Heart end grain through my planer and have yet to have it bog down or jam. This obviously takes more time to keep sending boards through but it saves an enormous amount of time in sanding.

    After running the boards through the planer I usually can go to 220 then 600 grit on the orbit sander and have one smooth board.

    Like any power tool this one needs to be cared for but not babied (IMHO).

    Hope this helps,


  • erik

    I just picked up this planer and am super happy with it. Had a question, have you had any problems running end grain through it? I keep reading online never to do it so when I saw you did I was curious.

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