Beauty in the Details....... Blessings Best Not Missed

My wife and I took a ride the other day to purchase a load of wood.  Our journey took us eastward through the "foothills" area of the north Georgia mountains.  Once past the multi-lane congestion of Atlanta, we wound our way through the picturesque countryside on the way to our destination. It was a beautiful early Fall day.
The destination turned out to be a workshop full of some prime hardwood which was being sold in preparation for closing out the shop.  The owner, a very pleasant and industrious young man was preparing to pursue missionary work in Africa in a few months.  He patiently took the time to let us look through his wood supply and make our selections.
It struck me that a "project' undertaken in my work shop is a lot like that day starts with a goal in mind, but offers detours with benefits and blessings along the way.  Its one of the reasons we so love having our own small business.........while we have days that are work from beginning to end, we also have the opportunity to "choose" our priorities as we go. 
Stopping to speak to a friend in need, praying for them, or contemplating a new and before unconsidered idea are just a few of the luxuries of managing ones own schedule............and we try not to forget the blessing that is............not to take it for granted.  Some days are incredibly busy and filled with demands from dawn til dusk while others offer a blank slate we fill with choices big and small.  We've learned in both to "watch" for the small "rest stops" along the way that afford blessing, redirection and unique moments when God's voice clearly speaks truth into our hearts and minds. 
Like the soul soothing scenery of an early Fall drive through the mountains and a conversation with a new acquaintance who values others above himself,  the process of a "project' is a journey that embodies blessing beyond it's ultimate finished product. 
 We purchased some great wood and made a successful haul home...........mission accomplished. 
But when the wood has long been used and transformed into cutting boards, cooking utensils and shop creations that find their way into other homes, we'll still be cherishing the memory of an idyllic Fall afternoon in North Georgia that introduced us to a fine young man with a heart for others and spirit of kindness and hard work.  We'll recall the vivid reminder of the beauty of God's creation in the woods of Georgia..... both in nature and in the heart of a man.
Here's to anticipating the hidden gems tucked in every journey and treasuring the gift they are as much as accomplished goals. 
For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.   Ephesians 2:10


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