Advantages of Using Wooden Kitchen Utensils


For centuries wood has been a popular option for cooking utensils. These days a lot of people prefer wood over other options, for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing wooden cooking utensils as opposed to metal or plastic.

Wooden Utensils Will Not Scratch Your Cookware
Wooden utensils are easy on your pots and pans, and won’t scratch nonstick surfaces.  They’re also much “quieter” than metal utensils.

Wooden Utensils Don’t Conduct Heat
Wooden utensils, unlike metal, don’t conduct heat…. consequently, they don’t impact cooking temperature negatively or create “hot” handles to burn your hand while cooking.  Plastic can melt if left resting in a hot pan or pot, not to mention questionable chemicals “leaching” into your food.


Wood is an Inert Material
Being non-reactive, wood won’t leach harmful chemicals into your food.  Wooden utensils won’t react with the acids in foods and leave a metallic taste, as metal utensils can.

Easy to Grip and Comfortable Handles
Wooden utensils are easy to hold with their smooth , rounded finish and remain cool to the touch.  

Wooden utensils, while distinctly functional, are also aesthetically pleasing with their varied classic design and warm finish.   They add a touch of warmth and charm to your kitchen.

Wooden utensils are very durable, and as long as you take proper care of them, you can expect them to give you many years of service. They don’t break easily, even when stirring the thickest ingredients or scraping foods off of the bottom of pans. Since they can withstand heat, they won’t melt. . A little sanding from time to time can help remove burn marks and stains from foods.

Germs and Bacteria Aren’t Partial to Wood
Research indicates that wood has natural germ-killing properties. It has been proven that germs and bacteria grow much faster on plastic and metal than on wooden kitchenware surfaces.

Environmentally Responsible Choice
Environmentally-conscious individuals can choose wooden utensils with confidence. Wood is natural and renewable resource and more environmentally responsible choice.

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