Spring is Here

It's that special time of year in the South when the outdoors beckon and nature "teases" with alternating days of gentle warmth and the last vestiges of cold.  The daffodils have put on their early show, as well as the forsythia and Bradford pear trees, while the dogwood and azalea are preparing for their stage entrance.  

We have bleeding heart in our garden which is like the "trumpeter" of Spring .... emerging from the ground  and offering it's pink blossoms in what seems like a matter of days...


Following closely behind, the hosta starts to emerge from the ground:

And the Dogwoods prepare to join the azaleas in their floral display 

Besides the urge to go outside and "play in the dirt" and bask in the mild spring days, every artisan knows that these things also herald the coming of seasonal festivals and markets.   We have two on our spring schedule in the Atlanta area. We'll be updating everyone soon to add them to your calendar if you live in our part of the country or plan to visit .  Think hundreds of vendor booths, artisan wares, music, and food trucks (isn't that everyone's favorite part?)

In preparation for this time of year, we've been busy turning out a beautiful array of artisan grinders, cutting boards, candleholders, pen blocks, and other handcrafted treasures.  We love the unique beauty of each piece of wood that goes into one of our pieces, never ceasing to marvel at the intricate, infinite variety of the Creator's handiwork.  

Watch any experienced woodworker lovingly paying homage to a piece of walnut...... or reverently admiring an exotic wood and it will be evident that these "craftsmen" look to pay tribute to the handiwork of the Master Craftsman. 

Spring rejuvenates.... it brings renewed energy, restored spirit and a fresh wonder at its display of new life in all it's intricate, amazing glory. 

Who could help but be inspired?



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