Sawdust Spotlight: November 2017

As the Holiday season is fast approaching, most of us find calendars filling up with events, deadlines and "things to do" in preparation.  

Let's face it, usually our early "vision" of what our holiday will look like is a far cry from the reality.  Our "reach" often exceeds our "grasp" when it comes to decorating, cooking, entertaining and gifting.  

We believe it's worthwhile for us to take a breath, ponder priorities and make conscious, well considered choices in each of these areas.   When we simplify, we find the returns are increased joy, peace and satisfaction.   

Our philosophy at The Prodigal Carpenter is to create items which are "beautifully crafted and inherently durable"...... 

Like our artisan cheeseboards, for instance.

Our "Maestro Serving Board" is a perfect way to create a stylish appetizer.... a nice cheese, some crackers or bread and "voila".... you have instant elegance...

Or maybe the musical motif isn't for you....... we have a variety of beautifully crafted boards with unique design to be enjoyed for years.

The really great thing is, these finely crafted boards turn something simple into a beautiful presentation.....  Can't tell you how many times we've whipped out a block of cream cheese and topped it with a little pepper jelly

(If you haven't tried this you really need to.... it's so delicious and simple.)  

We're also particularly fond of any soft cheese ( think cream cheese or goat cheese) topped with our homemade pineapple habanero sauce. A couple of years ago we stumbled across a recipe from "Our Forever House" that has proven a winner. We make batches and keep it stocked in our pantry.  Here's the link:

Arrange some favorite crackers and enjoy. Best part is, every element is a staple we generally keep on hand.  No grocery store searches for obscure items to impress a guest.... and yet when served on a beautiful cheese board you've got an elegant offering at the drop of a hat. 

Whether you're looking for something to jazz up your own holiday buffet or looking for the perfect gift for someone, check out our product catalog


Keep check here  for additional "easy" recipes and suggestions as we'll be sharing some of our "tried and true" sure to please recipes and ideas. 

Like taking a simple goat cheese log ( one of our favorites is a the delicious and very inexpensive 4" log sold at Aldi's)

Use your imagination to "dress it up by rolling it in dried cranberries, chopped herbs, nuts, chopped sun-dried tomatoes, sunflower seeds with drizzled creative

Then, placed on a unique cheeseboard you can beautifully present your simple preparation in a way that will make your guests feel special..... and isn't that what entertaining is about?  

Simplicity and Style.  



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