Accumulated Wisdom..............Applying What We "Know"

It seems we are creatures always searching for the newer or better way of accomplishing things.

Without this drive, humankind would have missed out on a multitude of inventions and most of our lives would be vastly different, and yet………….

. We applaud ease and comfort and efficiency, while in our pursuit of these we arrive at stress, discomfort and schedules that are fraught with impossible agendas. Give us a time saving appliance and we’ll find 3 more tasks we can fill the redeemed time with.

In the spiritual realm this dynamic manifests in the way we accumulate “truth”, fail to consistently apply it and push on in our alleged quest of “deeper” truth.   That pseudo-journey is ultimately as futile as our attempts to save time. Truth is, when we’re not applying the truth we know….. what would we do with deeper truth?   Do we really believe that as we foolishly disregard the wisdom we’ve received we would be transformed by deeper truth?

Lives are transformed by the implementing of faithfulness in the “small” things…… valuing the moments………. Acting on what we already “know”.

Open Book Bible on Brown Wooden Table

A Carpenter knows that he can never end up with a finished product reflecting quality craftsmanship and artistry by circumventing the basics of workmanship. “Knowing” to measure………….or level…. Or check angles………….or use the appropriate tool is not sufficient.   A great “new” idea will never produce a great result when basics are disregarded.   The loveliest finishing detail will not turn a haphazard effort into a masterpiece.

The early stages of a project don’t always look like much.

You learn, however, that time and preparation that honor the things you’ve learned are never wasted. Tedium often holds the key to success……… Tedium isn’t easily appreciated, but one learns to respect and find satisfaction in its process…..and the realization that patience and adherence to proven methods are the companions of the wise.

The results tell the story.

Buy the truth and do not sell it— wisdom, instruction and insight as well.  Proverbs 23:23

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