Frequently Asked Questions

    Following is a list ( not exhaustive) of the most common posed questions I've received from friends and customers. I've answered briefly, but am always happy to respond in more detail to those who contact me.
  1. How did you get started in woodworking? Following my dad’s footsteps I became a “fixer upper” by taking on several home projects like: built in cabinets, desks, shelving units, etc.

2. Did you have any formal training in woodworking?  Nothing like woodworking classes, but instead I watched plenty of YouTube videos and read a lot of online blogs, tips and “how to’s.”

  1. What impresses you most about other woodworkers?  Obviously their skill level and detail of workmanship; however most of all is their overall desire to share their expertise with others.

  1. What is your favorite woodworking project?  Although I love working on my new lathe my favorite project remains making end grain cutting boards.

  1. Why “end grain”?  First off ,they are the most knife friendly, second, they posses antibacterial qualities and lastly you can create almost unlimited designs & patterns because of the wood grain and by using contrasting wood colors.

  1. How are end grain boards different from the other wood cutting boards? Regular cutting boards are made from the face or edge of any piece of wood, thus your knife will actually cut or sever the wood; with end grain the knife actually slides down between the wood fibers, so there is less cutting of the wood and less dulling of your knife edges.

  1. How do you make the 3D effect on your boards? These are not made with a thousand small pieces but instead they are larger pieces that are glued, precisely cut, then planed, then the pieces are rotated and reglued (this process strengthens the board); the process is repeated until getting the 3D effect.

  1. Is there a  product you are most proud of?  Actually no; when I pick up a piece that I made awhile back, be it a peppermill or cutting board or jewelry box I am pleasantly surprised (and proud) of the quality and the detail of the work.

  1. How would you recommend someone get started in woodworking?  Simply try to build something that’s useful: a birdhouse or a shelving unit or a workbench… simply never know until you try but I find woodworking one of the most challenging yet satisfying hobbies there is.

  1. Any regrets?  Yes but only one, that I didn’t find and marry my wife sooner!    

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