Building a Workshop Part 2: The Must Haves

I will assume that anyone desiring to build a shop has at least some functional tools along with some working knowledge of basic carpentry (if not there are plenty of Internet sites & videos you can check out). Now onto my basic list of essentials.

    •      Workbench and shelves are a must.  You have to have an area to work so one or more solid work benches that include shelves below.  Storage areas are your best friend.
      •      Electricity:  You have to have power to run the tools.  If you have the knowledge & ability I suggest adding a few electrical outlets to your shop. Doing so at the beginning will help you as your shop grows.

      •      Lighting: The more you hone your craft the more the details matter, however regardless of your level of expertise you’ll be using power tools that can do tremendous damage so good lighting is a must for safety.  
      •      Table Saw: If I had to suggest a starter pack for a shop I’d begin with the table saw. It provides a lot of flexibility and options. You can make sleds for your saw (blog topic upcoming) but most importantly you can crosscut, rip, miter, etc., all with one saw.
      1. Shop Vac:  A clean working area is a must so having something to vacuum up the sawdust and debris is a priority.
      • Flooring:  My shop is in my basement storage area on a concrete floor. Standing on a solid floor for hours can be a pain in my back as well as feet, legs, etc. Although considered perhaps a luxury I found foam type flooring well worth the expense.  

      Note:  While taking photos for this blog I discovered water under my foam flooring...ugh! One project often becomes a series of projects so I’ll reveal my remedy for this one.


      Any list of basics starts at the beginning: Genesis 1:1 - In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

      Next Up:  Workbench and Shelves

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